Hotline Hair Ties - Skinnies * Multiple Colors *

$ 9.00

Tuxedo Skinny
Candyland Skinny
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These might be my favorite size for messy buns. For a ponytail, I have to wrap it around a lot more than I do the original size, but for a messy bun I can just do it twice and it holds really well! I also think this size is a good "starter" size for people who are questioning if they will like this type of hair tie. I think the shape and size of it are most similar to the standard hair tie, so it's not as scary! These are great for all hair types. 

  • Comfortable 
  • Strong 
  • Shrinkable 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Fashionable 
  • No Headaches 
  • No Hair Damage 
  • No Hair Creases